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Program Information

During the school year Kiddie Station uses the A Beka Christian curriculum for early childhood education in 2 & 3 year old, and Pre-K rooms. The curriculum is structured around the English alphabet and phonics, numbers and counting and Christian and Patriotic themes. Children also participate in enrichment programs including music, movement, science culture, and foreign language on a periodic basis. Hooked on phonics will also be used in conjunction with A Beka in the Pre-K class.

Infant & Toddler
In the infant and toddler rooms, child enrichment and development programs are designed to stimulate the senses and develop physical and mental skills. Textures, colors, shapes, sound, and smells are all a part of the positive learning environment. Our infant program provides an enriching environment designed to enhance babies' development while allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace. At Kiddie Station we surround babies with attractive pictures, mobiles, colors, and soft toys to stimulate exploration. Our safe, age-appropriate equipment, and soft, cuddly toys are designed to meet each baby's special developmental needs. We work to form a basic trust. We show each baby that his or her needs will be met, that this is truly a wonderful new world with all sorts of pleasant experiences. Once babies learn to trust, they will respond openly and securely to new things and challenges. Our toddler program focuses on constant listening to and talking with children. We encourage their social emotional and language development. We surround them with age-appropropriate toys and tools to encourage exploration discovery and enhance their overall development. We provide every opportunity possible for your child to develop his or her own interests, at his or her own pace. All classes include naptime and free play time (both inside and outside, weather permitting) in their daily schedule.